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Building on your undergraduate degree in nursing, East Carolina University's Master of Science in Nursing program will prepare you for an advanced role in nursing. The interdisciplinary nature of the program will train you as a clinical scholar who can integrate the science and art of nursing, articulate the unique contributions of nursing, and direct care and apply knowledge to diverse populations in dynamic environments.

You will take a core curriculum of five courses that cover topics including the philosophy and theory of advanced nursing, practice in complex health care organizations, and research methods and applications. When you finish the core curriculum, you will choose a concentration from among the following options: clinical nurse specialist, neonatal nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery, nursing education, and nursing leadership. These concentrations have varying completion requirements.

All of the core curriculum and much of the coursework in your concentration will be delivered online, enhanced by asynchronous and synchronous learning applications and streaming video. In addition, you must complete clinical work and practica that cannot be performed online. You may be able to arrange to satisfy some of these requirements in a clinical setting near your home.  ECU's School of Nursing is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

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Current non-restricted license to practice as a registered nurse (RN) in North Carolina or a NCSBN-compact state.

You must take a core curriculum of five courses, and complete your degree in the concentration of your choice. The concentrations have various student-credit-hour requirements.


Admission requirements vary depending upon the program. For help getting started, please click here.

Tuition and Fees

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