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UNC Online Update as of May 11, 2020.

The UNC Online proctoring website is open. However, due to the pandemic, the following additional conditions will be in place for proctored exams:

  • In order to ensure the availability of adequate proctor staffing from our vendor (Examity), all exam windows will be required to start no earlier than June 1st at 9:00am (EST).
  • Due to the continued closure of all on-site (face to face) proctoring options, online proctoring (Examity) is the only proctor available to students, which means that students will be required to pay for online proctoring ($11 for the first exam hour, and $6 per hour for each additional hour).
  • Note: As always, accommodations for extra time as determined by SDS/DSS learning disability assessments will not incur an extra cost to students for their additional exam time.
  • The online proctoring vendor (Examity), is not capable of proctoring paper-based (or online + paper) exams, so those exam types will not be allowed until there are face-to-face proctors once again available to all of our students.
  • All UNCO face-to-face proctor licenses continue to be deactivated.
  • New proctoring license applications are not being accepted at this time.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this difficult situation. More Info.