You must be a UNC student or staff member to invite a proctor to join the UNC Online Proctor Network. Please login to continue.

Why invite a proctor?

If you are unable to find a pre-approved proctor on the Find a Proctor page of this website, you may choose to invite a qualified individual to join the University of North Carolina Online Proctoring Network.

Who can be your proctor?

To become a proctor, the individual cannot be a relative or friend of the student taking the exam and must hold one of the following occupational titles:

  • School superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or other administrator
  • Embassy education officer, military base/station education officer
  • Local college testing center staff or administration
  • Commercial testing center
  • Full-time school or public librarian, or full-time teacher
  • Overseas (Military) Non Commissioned Officer in Charge or Officer in Charge

For each type above, the proctor must provide a professional e-mail account and physical work address to verify her/his title. Graduate level UNC System students who hold one of the above titles may proctor only if they are part of a formal proctoring office run by an administrator and staffed (in part) by graduate assistants; they cannot proctor students in their degree program. As well, they must provide a verifiable professional e-mail account and physical work address.

What does Invite a Proctor do?

The Invite a Proctor utility allows you to send an email to an individual, requesting that they join the University of North Carolina Online Proctoring Network.

This email will state that you have requested this individual to join the Network. This email will also provide instruction on how to Become a Proctor.

All proctor applicants are subject to approval. Please allow for one week to complete this entire approval process.