Online German Minor
at The University of North Carolina
at Greensboro

  • 100% online delivery of 15-credit hour curriculum
  • Designed for pre-baccalaureate students - both degree-seeking and visiting
  • Program concentrates on language, literature and culture studies
  • Develops strong writing and communication skills crucial for careers in journalism, public relations, publishing and advertising, teaching, governmental service and international trade
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The quality of online courses and programs is extremely important to the faculty and administration of the sixteen campuses of The University of North Carolina. We strive to achieve the highest level of instructional quality and student satisfaction in all our online offerings. Our online offerings adhere to several external standards of quality.

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Classes listed as Face-to-Face in ANY of the Exchanges are actually held via video conferencing. You can attend from your HOME campus.

The UNC Online Exchange affords students the opportunity to enroll in courses at campuses other than their home campus at no additional cost. Each exchange represents a different discipline. These exchanges can enhance the courses offered in the student's major program or can provide courses in disciplines not offered on the student's campus. Currently five language-specific exchanges exist: German, Russian, Portuguese and Greek/Latin. These five offer advanced courses in the disciplines. A sixth exchange called World Languages has been created to manage introductory courses in less commonly taught languages. Courses in languages such as Hindi/Urdu and Swahili can be found therein.