The UNC Online Proctoring Network has been designed to enhance the academic integrity of online courses by providing students with an easily accessible pool of qualified proctors. These qualified proctors will be available for students who are taking online courses at any of the constituent universities of the University of North Carolina. This network will help students to easily access proctors and find a facility to take their exam in a shorter, more effective period of time.

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Are you a UNC student and need to take an exam with a proctor?

Use the Find a Proctor service to contact qualified proctors in your area.

If you can't find a proctor in your area, Invite a Proctor to nominate for approval (who can be my proctor?). If your nominated proctor is approved, you can continue to use this proctor throughout the semester; no further approval is required.

Student Responsibilities:
The student is responsible for finding an approved proctor or inviting a new proctor to be approved in the system. Once this individual has been approved, students will be responsible for scheduling their exam(s) accordingly.

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If you teach online courses in the UNC system and you want to verify that a student's proctor is approved by UNC Online, then go to Verify a Proctor for more instructions. You can log-in to view other functions.

Faculty Responsibilities:
The faculty is responsible for informing their students about the necessity of needing a proctor within the first week of classes. This could be done by providing information on your syllabus and a brief orientation to the system. Furthermore, the faculty is also responsible for providing any conditions of the proctoring location, which might include: the length of exam, if a computer is required, or if the need for close and constant supervision is required. This communication is imperative to ensure students have ample time to make the necessary arrangements.

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If you would like to become a part of the UNC Proctoring Network or if you have been invited by a UNC system student to proctor an exam, please make sure you read the guidelines describing the qualifications needed in order to be approved as a proctor. Once you have done this, you can go to Become a Proctor and apply.

Proctor Responsibilities: The proctor is responsible for upholding the standards and guidelines, reading exam instructions to the student verbatim, monitoring the examinee, returning materials accordingly, and recording and reporting any suspected cheating.