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Strassbourg France and EU Institutions

June 29-July 29, 2017

ECU in the Heart of Europe: Strasbourg with Nicolas Médevielle. June 29-July 29, 2017. Explore past European conflicts and examine the current (and rocky) process of European political integration. We will stay mostly in the city of Strasbourg, one of a handful of cities worldwide which host a series of international institutions, while not being a capital (together with NYC and Geneva). Students will also visit Luxembourg City and Brussels, the other two seats of power in the European Union. Strasbourg is the main city of Alsace, a traditionally Germanic speaking region which was integrated in the French Kingdom in the 17th century, and has been at the center of the bloody Franco-German nationalist conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries (1870-71, 1914-18, 1939-45).  $3800 includes tuition for 6 sh, lodging.  Airfare and most meals extra.


Argentina   Córdoba Argentina

May 11-June 29, 2017

Córdoba Argentina with Rebecca Howes, ECU. May 11-June 29, 2017. Follows the ECU course of study for Spanish 2003 and 2004 on campus, but over a 44-day period in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Each level is distinct and independent: we’ll devote 3 weeks to level 2003, have the final exam for that level and immediately begin SPAN 2004.  Prior to arrival in Córdoba on May12th, we will spend 4 days in Mendoza, Argentina.  Guided tours of two wineries−one is a small, family business, the other is a large scaled operation.  Tour of a family owned olive oil factory.  The visit in Mendoza concludes with a day at Termas de Cacheuta (hot springs).  In addition to Mendoza, there will be 2 other excursions:  Buenos Aires and Iguazu National Park.  $5100 includes homestay, most meals, tuition, airfare from Miami (transportation to Miami extra)


Flag of Austria  Vienna, Austria

May 31 - July 1, 2017

This program takes place in Vienna, the capital of Austria, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You will take one German class (any level, taught by local teachers at a local language school, our partner organization) and one class on the arts and culture of Vienna in 1900 that is taught by your NC State faculty director and local lecturers.  This class includes excursions to museums in Vienna, a visit to the opera, and guided architectural walks. Participants of the program will also go on weekend excursions to Salzburg and Prague.  For additional information, please contact Faculty Director, Dr. Lutz Kube at Please visit


Flag of Chile  Valparaíso, Chile
June 24 - Aug. 2, 2016  

Experience life in astonishingly beautiful Chile.  Now in its fourteenth year, this amazing trip offers a total immersion experience.  By living with a host family, your Spanish will improve on a daily –sometimes hourly!- basis.  Living in S. America provides for appreciation of Hispanic and indigenous cultures.  Exciting excursions tie into coursework and offer opportunities to delve deeply into Chile’s land, animals, people, and cuisine.  Earn 6 credit hours through SPN 302 and SPN 303.  Option to travel to Easter Island!  Please contact director Valerie Rider at, or 910 793 2880.  Estimated program fee:  $2,900, which includes host family stay, 3 meals/day, all excursions, meals on excursions, admissions and transportation for excursions, study abroad health insurance, and more.  Additional costs:  airfare, tuition and fees.  Website:


Costa Rica  Costa Rica

July 8-August 5, 2017 

Spanish Immersion through Community Engagement.  Join UNCG's Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures for this four-week program featuring homestays in three distinct eco systems (rainforest, coast and central).  Earn up to 7 units of credit, suitable for all levels of Spanish.  Includes many cultural experiences and excursions, including the opportunity to make a difference.  For information, contact Dr. Amy R. Williamsen ( or see


Five horizontal stripes: three blue and two white. A red equilateral triangle at the left of the flag, partly covering the stripes, with a white five pointed star in the centre of the triangle.  Cuba

May 5-June 1, 2017

Cultural Studies in Cuba, With Alberto Gonzalez-Valdes, ECU.  May 5-June 1, 2017. Intensive introduction to Cuba and its unique social, economic, cultural and political situation. Emphasis on hearing the perspective of Cuban professors, historians, students, architects, local artists, and others, and seeing / experiencing contemporary Cuba through field trips to restored old Havana, museums and historical sites, schools and organic urban farms. Scheduled activities, housing, and meals for the students have been coordinated with the Cultural House of Bauta, the UNEAC (Nacional Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba) and the University of Artemisa.  The core program consists of two classes with workshops and experiential learning. Readings from sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, history, literature. The lectures, in a communicative approach, offer opportunities for discussions and questions. At workshops and round tables students interact directly in Spanish with Cuban academics, political leaders and social actors. $2800 (airfare and most meals extra). Homestay in Bauta 20 min. NW of Havana.


Image result for flag of france  France

June 25-July 29, 2017

La Rochelle, France with Larkin Murphy, ECU. June 25-July 29, 2017. Two tracks available: French 2003-2004 from Institut d’Études Françaises in La Rochelle.  More advanced students may take one intensive language course at the Institut and an advanced course with the program director.  The Special Topics Course—titled “Pas de flash, s’il vous plait!”—explores the critical role of monuments and museums in making France the top tourist destination in the world.  From the Louvre in Paris to the D-Day Beaches in Normandy to the Maritime Museum in La Rochelle, monuments, museums and their collections will be the cultural focal point of the course. Students will work through grammar and conversation exercises while taking tours, discovering art and artists, and building a cultural framework for further study in French.  $4465 includes tuition, homestay with breakfast and dinner, excursions.  Airfare and some meals extra.


Image result for german flag images  Berlin – German Holocaust Studies
June 25-July 22, 2017

Berlin: The Holocaust and its Remembrance with Susanne Jones, ECU. June 25-July 22, 2017. Few urban spaces have garnered as much recent attention as the metropolis at the center of Germany: Berlin. It’s a place of new ideas, where sustainable technology and modern design are a way of life, and art galleries can be found on nearly every corner. This dynamic city is a cornerstone of modern European history and has left a major imprint on the political, social, and cultural history of the 20th century. Let Berlin be your classroom and explore one of the world’s most vibrant cities! Whether you are interested in learning the language (and earning 6 credits!) or becoming more proficient in German, discovering German culture or engaging with its troubled history (e.g. the Holocaust course for an additional 3 credits), Berlin promises a truly transformative experience with its many historical, artistic, and cultural sites. $3500 includes 6 sh tuition (choice of courses from level 1 through upper division composition and conversation), homestay with breakfast, and excursions.  Airfare and most meals extra.

Greek Flag  Greece

May-June 2017

Study Abroad course in Greece, May-June 2017: We will be offering three courses (up to 9 credits in all) on this four-week trip: BIOL 110: Plants and Humans, HWP 373: Foodways of the Mediterranean and CLAS 393: Greek Epic and Tragedy, The first week (May 15th-19th is taught on campus at UNC Asheville, and then in the following three weeks we will spend time at the American Farm school in Thessaloniki and then Delphi, Karpenisi, Nafpaktos, Olympia, Mycenae and Epidaurus, Athens, Santorini, and Crete, returning home on June 13th. The basic program fee is $2800, which includes transportation in Greece, accommodation, all site visits and some meals. Airfare and tuition at UNCA not included. Financial aid is available. For more information, contact Sophie Mills ( or phone 251-6296.)

Flag of Italy  Italy
July 1-July 31 2017  

Perugia is the ideal location for students who wish to acquire a genuine experience of Italian life, culture, history, art history, and culinary art in a safe, student friendly environment, while earning 9 academic credits.  In this program students can fulfill the GER in Foreign Language and the GEP in Global Knowledge, saving two foreign language semesters at NC State.

Culture courses are taught in English. No previous Italian experience is needed and no placement test is required! Classes are supervised and taught by Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler, as NC State faculty and on-site director, and by Italian faculty. The program begins with a four-day tour in Rome! While in Rome, students will visit the ancient most evocative ruins such as the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel and other historical sites. This program has been approved by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and NC State. Please contact Anna Rita Bonaduce Dresler at and please click here to find additional information.


Image result for russia  Russia

May 22-June 18, 2017

White Nights in St. Petersburg, Past and Present, with Justin Wilmes, ECU.  May 22-June 18, 2017.  Four weeks in the beautiful, historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia while taking courses with faculty from St. Petersburg State University. The program will pair the material students learn in “The Arts of Saint Petersburg” with excursions to the remarkable cultural offerings of the city, including the world-renowned Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, the Marinsky Theater, Peterhoff Palace, and the Church of the Savior on Blood. The course on “Contemporary Russian Society and Politics” will be coordinated with excursions to the “Museum of the Political History of Russia” and the “Siege of Leningrad” tour. $3395 includes 6 sh tuition, homestay with two meals per day, and excursions.  Airfare and some meals extra.


May 27-June 22

UNCW Discover the great mystery of the Russian soul, by participating in 2017 Summer 1 Study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. Additional trips to Peterhoff, Novgorod, and Moscow.

Please read about the program here:


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Roza Starodubtseva (Russian language, native from St. Petersburg) –

Dr. Maria G. Espinosa-Hernandez (PSY 270, Cross-Cultural Psychology) -


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4.       Flight to LED (St. Petersburg) on 5/27 (arrival 5/28, as the time zone change) and return on 6/22


Spain flag   Segovia, Spain 

May 14 - June 12, 2017    

The Segovia program is sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) and the College of Engineering (COE) at NC State. It is open to all majors and includes a focus on how engineering is applicable in many aspects of everyday life. In Segovia, students will utilize the city and surrounding area to explore language, technology, and culture. The classes, excursions, and field trips offered will encourage the ability to use the language in authentic settings while permitting the student to study and experience the rich culture of Spain. This is an excursion-based program with visits to small towns outside of Segovia, as well as travel to Madrid, Ávila, Salamanca, Toledo and a possible weekend trip to Barcelona.  Visits to museums, cathedrals a cooking class and a kayaking excursion round out the program. The cost is $3,800 and a current blog can be found here: Faculty Director: James McConnell.


Spain flag  Granada Spain

May 30-July 1 or August 1, 2017

U. Granada, Spain at Centro de Lenguas Modernas thru ILYC with Rosa Lopez-Cañete, ECU. May 30-July 1 or August 1, 2017. Students are able to whatever levels of Spanish language are appropriate to their situation (many not available on campus at ECU in the summer) through the Modern Language Center of the Universidad de Granada.  Students are immersed in the Spanish culture and way of life.   ILYC is a private language center that contracts educators from The University of Granada. The instructors are all employed by the university and certified in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.  Consequently, the students receive their language certificates from the university in Spain and then transfer the appropriate credits to East Carolina University.  Advanced students may pursue language experiences in professional settings. $3375-$6075 depending on duration and credits desired.  Includes homestay or dorm, as desired, most meals and tuition.  Airfare not included.