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Russian Course Exchange

The Russian Exchange was started in 2009 so that students across the University of North Carolina system would have access to a broader array of Russian Language, Literature, and Cultural courses.


Classes listed as Face-to-Face in ANY of the Exchanges are actually held via video conferencing.  You can attend from your HOME campus.

Five campuses currently participate in the Russian Exchange. Its purpose is to share courses and instructional resources in order to enhance undergraduate Russian Studies programs in North Carolina. It offers a wide range of courses: from language courses to upper-level literature and film courses. Some of these fall under the Russian Studies area with courses taught in English. 

The Russian Exchange has helped expand student advancement in the language at campuses which previously were not able to offer courses beyond the basic level. Based on the resources of the Exchange, one campus has created a new Russian Studies minor program, and we anticipate additional opportunities for other programs, cooperation in study abroad programs, and intensive summer programs.

Currently course offerings have been through distance-learning classrooms linked by video and audio technology. We now have the capacity for students to link into these classes via their home computer.

Students interested in taking classes in the exchange should check with their advisor and the home campus department chair and review the information on the Guidelines page.

Participating Campuses: