Russian Course Exchange

The Russian Exchange was started in 2009 so that students across the University of North Carolina system would have access to a broader array of Russian Language, Literature, and Cultural courses.


Classes listed as Face-to-Face in ANY of the Exchanges are actually held via video conferencing.  You can attend from your HOME campus.

Announcing a SUMMER STUDY ABROAD Program in RUSSIA!

The program is Myths and Truths about Russia.

It includes a 3-week stay and study in the historical downtown of St. Petersburg, Russia.

There is time for sightseeing in Moscow.

You will earn 3 credit hours in the Russian language and 3 credit hours in Topics in Russian Studies.

The program offers meetings with local students, journalists, and historians.

For more information contact Roza Starodubtseva @

The pre-travel orientation classes will be conducted online, thus making it easily available for all participants regardless of their residence.



Students interested in taking classes in the exchange should check with their advisor and the home campus department chair and review the information on the Guidelines page.