Teaching, Online Middle-Secondary Standard Professional I Licensure Program (UNC Charlotte)

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Program Information

Program Delivery Method: All courses in the program are delivered through online instruction.

New Admissions: New students are admitted and can begin the program in either fall, spring, or summer. The program is designed for part-time students and a student can typically complete 4-6 courses per calendar year.

The Licensure Program is intended to provide initial teacher licensure in middle or secondary education in North Carolina. The program is designed for individuals who hold Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees in appropriate fields and wish to obtain the "Standard Professional I" license. The courses offered via distance education will allow a student to complete up to 18 hours of the 39-hour Master of Arts in Teaching Degree. Up to 30 hours of the master's degree can then be completed online. The distance education courses are offered asynchronously online via the Internet to make the program as widely accessible as possible throughout North Carolina. Faculty may also invite students in particular courses to meet in cyberspace using virtual classroom meeting software.

Learning individually, online, offers students who cannot come to campus a convenient alternative method for continuing their education; however, it also presents some learning challenges. To prepare students to succeed, UNC Charlotte provides detailed information on the technology required to participate in the program; on the technical knowledge and skills that entering students will need to possess; and on the study habits and learning styles that research has found to be most conducive to success and satisfaction with online learning. Students who are admitted to an online program are required to complete an online orientation prior to beginning their coursework, and UNC Charlotte supports the learning of its Distance Education students through a toll-free IT Service Desk that offers evening and weekend as well as weekday hours; a librarian assigned specifically to work with Distance Education students; and a Distance Education Program Manager who provides administrative and logistical support and assistance to the students enrolled in the program.

MDSK 6162: Planning for K-12 Instruction
MDLG 5130: Middle Grades Experience - or - SECD 5140: Secondary School Experience
READ 5255: Integrating Reading and Writing in the Content Area
EDUC 5100: Diverse Learners
MDSK 6470: Graduate Student Teaching and Internship

One of the following:
MDSK 5251: Middle and Secondary Science Methods
MDSK 5253: Middle and Secondary Social Studies Methods
MAED 5040: Teaching Mathematics to Middle School Learners
MAED 5070: Teaching Mathematics to Secondary School Learners
ENGL 5254: Teaching English Communications Skills to Middle and Secondary School Learners


Basic entrance criteria include:

  1. An appropriate undergraduate or graduate major for your licensure area.
  2. An overall GPA of at least 2.75 or at least 2.5 with very strong recommendations.
  3. Three recommendations from persons knowledgeable of your interaction with children or youth.

Enrollment is limited. Students are encouraged to submit completed applications as early as possible. The deadlines for priority admission to the Distance Education Program are May 1 for Fall Semester, October 1 for Spring Semester and April 1 for Summer Term. Students may be admitted after these dates if space is available.