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As organizations evolve over time, goals and priorities change and new initiatives and new directions arise. Existing initiatives must be carefully evaluated for alignment and effectiveness. After just such an evaluation, the UNC System Office has made the very difficult decision to retire UNC Online. This means the following for UNC Online:

  • UNC Online is now closed to all new course registrations. (Language Exchange and EMAoL courses excepted; see below.)
  • UNC Online has been converted into a site that solely hosts Language Exchange courses. Students can continue to register for Language Exchange and EMAoL courses.

We apologize for the news and for any inconvenience this may cause.

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This Equivalency Finder will help you locate courses at other UNC system campuses that have been approved for transferring to a selected course at your home campus.

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Institution Course Level Title Subject
ECU COMM 4032 Undergraduate Mass Media Law Communications
ECU COMM 4040 Undergraduate Media, Culture, and Society Communications
ECU COMM 4045 Undergraduate Media Literacy for Communication Professionals Communications
ECU COMM 4135 Undergraduate Gender and Communication Communications
ECU COMM 4180 Undergraduate Public Relations Strategies Communications
ECU COMM 4321 Undergraduate In-Depth Reporting Capstone Communications
ECU COMM 4500 Undergraduate Public Relations Campaigns Communications
ECU COMM 4905 Undergraduate Media Ethics Communications