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Invite a proctor

If your exam does not utilize the Take Exam Via Webcam option or you are unable to find a proctor in our network, you may choose to invite a qualified individual to join the University of North Carolina Online Proctoring Network.

All proctor applicants are subject to approval. Please allow at least 30 days for UNC Online to review and process proctoring applications.

Proctor Qualifications

  • Official testing centers at an accredited college/university or military post
  • Librarians at a public library or at an accredited college/university
  • College/professional testing center staff or administrators
  • Professional learning/tutoring center
  • K-12 counselors/testing coordinators (must be primarily responsible for testing administration at the applicant’s school/school system)
  • U.S. embassy education officer or military base/station education officer (Cannot charge a proctoring fee)
  • U.S. military non-commissioned officer in charge or officer in charge of student’s military unit (Cannot charge a proctoring fee)
  • Professor:
    • Cannot charge a proctoring fee for students enrolled in your courses
    • Professors must conform to their campus’ conflict of interest policies with regards to using university space and resources for fee-related services
    • Must be additionally approved by the designated UNC Online campus contact

The Following Disqualify a Candidate from Being a Proctor

  • Relative, spouse, or partner
  • Co-worker, supervisor, or business associate
  • Friend, roommate, or peer of the student or of the student’s family
  • Current or previous athletic coach/trainer/administrator or any member of an athletic staff or personnel who support student athletes (Includes K-12, recreational and/or organized leagues, community college, and college/university athletics)
  • K-12 employees who are not counselors/testing coordinators whose primary responsibility is testing administration at your school/school system
  • UNC system student
  • Anyone who cannot provide a verifiable, professional email address (NOTE: gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc are not acceptable)
  • Anyone who cannot provide a computer with internet access for up to 3 hours

NOTE: This policy is not intended to be exhaustive and is subject to change with or without notice. UNC Online reserves the right to deny any proctor license application.

All proctor applicants are subject to approval. Please allow at least 30 days for UNC Online to review and process proctoring applications.